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What is the Fous4 Trading System?

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Meet Cameron Fous

Anyone is capable of doing this. And my job is to help you do it.

Let it be known that I am a college drop out. I didn't get here by formal education i got here by hard work , dedication, and the will power to never give up even after many failures

We are recruiting students who are willing to Put in the Time to Learn The System. Work their ass off because they are driven individuals that are hungry for success and the good life.

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“I’ll never forget Fous’ words. ’KDG54, invest in your education!’ I left chat and watched the DVDs. There I was! That’s how they do it! Life-changing education!”


“I’m on my second pass through FOUS4, and it’s got me really pumped because for the first time I’m starting to understand technical trading and strategies for portfolio management. In the past, I’ve picked up books and just found the stuff too daunting for my average brain. Fous provides a clear description of easy-to-understand patterns and a practical and realistic approach to training.”


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