Video Lesson #3 : How to create a real BAN LIST of stock picks that you HATE.. But still trade them and continue to lose out of boredom

Whats up everybody Cameron Fous here. Founder and creater all things FOUS. Ever since I started using in November of 2010 I’ve locked in $275,000 in trading gains all verified @ and alerted in real time to my SUBSCRIBERS via sms, live chat, email, and now live on vide with FOUSTV. But im not just sending out random alerts. There is a system and strategy to my stock picks. And you NEED to learn it! Its costing you thousands of dollars not to learn it! Thats why i’ve created a 7.5 hour training DVD session called the FOUS4. And guess what? Its the #1 Rated Training dvd @ out of nearly 400! And its only $400($199 limited time!) so BUY NOW .

Just about every trader should have a ban list... stocks that they have traded numerous times and continue to get punked on.. And trade them because they are bored. ETF's are my krptonyte. Ive never had luck trading them.. So ive figured out a way to disable them from my account. So that i never trade them out of boredom and continue to lose. Other stocks I hate are HDY, FFN, MOTR, OXGN .