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  • Live Stock Market Blog 8/26/13 ! Killing it Today in Penny Stocks!

    Trade with Me Live on FOUStv! See How Ive Made a 1/2 Million Dollars! JOIN ME NOW Welcome to the Live Stock Market Blog!  UPDATE 12:44pm pst $TCX closing strong by far the best FOUS4 chart currently in play in the market. This is just day 1 of the breakout . short term profit target [...]
  • FOUS4 Bullish Stocks Series #2! TCX and RENN

    Hello everyone.. And welcome to series #2 of the FOUS4 Bullish Stocks blog. I will be updating this series with the latest FOUS4 patterns that have been making the biggest moves since their breakouts. So that i can illustrate to you the power of these moves and why you MUST LEARN this strategy and these stock chart [...]