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  • Learn How To Trade Stocks Like A Pro With The FOUS4 Trading System

    Get your Trading Career Started Today with These 7 Free Video Lessons on how I got Rich Trading Stocks. SIGN UP FREE NOW Trading stocks is all about what? Making money! And how do you do that? By Finding the next big stock pick before everyone else and taking advantage of that. I've Made nearly $400,000 [...]
  • Video Lesson #65 – Why i think we could Make Tens of Thousands $$$ on $ACRX

    Still Killing it. Market still bringing us huge opportunities every week for me and FOUSALERTS subscribers. Now up $361,000 traing ONLY FOUS4 patterns. If you dont know this stuff you need to learn it. Its a strategy that works Time and Time again. I made $10k on $RPRX from this hospital bed in friggin mexico.. [...]
  • SPECIAL REPORT: The Next Big Stock Pick is HERE $INSM

    Fousalerts account now up to record highs $343,000 trading ONLY FOUS4 Stock Picks. 7.5 hours training on how to swing trade and day trade small caps and penny stocks under $10/share Im not gonna go into HUGGGGGE detail about this stock.. All i can say is that it is a force pattern. Same exact pattern that [...]
  • How To Make $2,000 in An Hour. Thats Trading For Yah

    FousAlerts account now tapping into record highs here again up $343,000 Since 2011 Trading ONLY FOUS4 Patterns. BOOM! Another hot day starting out with quick profits on LDK for $500 on the red/green move which was called out on last nights watch list : "LDK - this is the hottest solar stock chart out there . we [...]
  • Meet Jae, He Just Ripped my Special Report Stock Pick NTE for Over $3,000 in profits!

    FOUSALERTS account now up to record highs $342,000 . Get FOUS4 Stock Picks Training HERE BOOOOM! remember that post i did last week on NTE? About how big of potential this stock had to blow up? Heres an email i sent out to my subscribers on oct 26th. " Hey gang. Check out $NTE here. Same [...]