FOUS4 Bullish Stocks Series #2! TCX and RENN | Fous Alerts

FOUS4 Bullish Stocks Series #2! TCX and RENN

Hello everyone.. And welcome to series #2 of the FOUS4 Bullish Stocks blog. I will be updating this series with the latest FOUS4 patterns that have been making the biggest moves since their breakouts. So that i can illustrate to you the power of these moves and why you MUST LEARN this strategy and these stock chart patterns.

First up is TCX of which was alerted to subsribers @ .99 as this was a brand new fresh gold pattern. I am too impatient not to lock in my profits but this was a perfect setup and is now up +40% from the buy alert!

Next is $RENN of which was listed on the Daily Watch List with a trigger buy around5.70ish.. i really do hate this stock tho as you can see foe the past several months all this thing did was fake people out on a daily basis. It finally ripped on the survival pattern though breakout out BIG! Now thats a bullish stock!