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  • FOUS4 Bullish Stock Picks Series #5 Two Stocks That Ran 75% in A Week!

    Welcome to series #5 of the FOUS4 Bullish Stock Picks blog. I will be updating this series with the latest FOUS4 patterns that have been making the biggest moves since their breakouts. So that i can illustrate to you the power of these moves and why you MUST LEARN the FOUS4 strategy and these stock chart patterns. These are the Same Patterns that have Made me nearly $300k in just over a year! Most stocks featured in this series are actual FOUS ALERTS and/or were featured on my Daily Watchlist Prior to their huge moves. As i had mentioned EGT and EMMS before.. SHEESH! They keep on truckin! And thats because these are the kind of moves FOUS4 stock picks can make people. I've seen these kind of plays happen over and over in the past 7 years of my career. So its important and very lucrative to learn this stuff in the #1 rated DVD that i created ALL FOR YOU. You have no idea how many questions i get asked.. And how sick I am of answering them over and over. Thats why i created this DVD so that instead of asking me a bunch of dumb random questions. I can teach you everything in an organized 6 part 7.5 class!  Check out EGT and EMMS continuing to RIP! Also check out Stock Pick CHTP, this has been on the watch list for over a week waiting for this thing to fly and trigger this revival pattern breakout. It finally did today and i went long here @ 2.18. Thinking this could have potential to ramp up to 2.50-3$ or so.