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  • The Hottest Stock Pick and Babe of 2012; $CTIX & Arianny Celeste

    2012 is coming to a close. And we had an awesome year! With my account boosting up to record highs into the closing of the year @ $355,000 in profits since i started verifying around the beginning of 2011! And im very pleased to announce the release of FOUS4x2 HERE. The Second installment of [...]
  • FOUS4x2 IS HERE! Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Trading Education

    oh .. my .. LORD! The moment you guys have been waiting for is FINALLY HERE! FOUS4x2 Is done and you can now Take The Next Step in the FOUS4 Series and Learn the new day trading strategies that have made me 10x the trader I used to be! First And Foremost. Lets Announce the Winners [...]
  • Stock Market Trading Schedule Christmas And New Years 2012,2013

    Take advantage and use the coupon code : Profitmas ; to get up to 60% off all newsetters @ ! what a deal! Yet another year down. And wow what a year it has been! I cant believe i've been trading for nearly 8 years now! The Market has changed dramatically since i made [...]
  • The Two Hottest Babes on Instagram: @Tashoakley & @DEViN_BRUGMAN

    If you aren't on Instagram then you are missing out. Its the latest social network that has been blowing up and businesses have been using it a lot for marketing such as Nike.  You can follow me @ but its more so my personal account that i blend in some marketing with . And being that [...]
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Buying This Stock Before it Doubles

    Fousalerts account now up over $350k heading into the new year sitting @ record highs! Trading ONLY FOUS4 patterns. You can't afford not to learn this stuff! Today the FOUS crew ripped $CTIX for huge gains. We longed CTIX last week and this stock ripped for a 20% rally today into the close! we sold [...]